Lycia, Land of the Sarcophagi

Southern Turkey

Between rugged rocks and narrow beaches lie the settlements of the mysterious Lycians. In Homer’s Iliad they are allies of the Trojans, in classical times they belong to the Delian League, and through all times Lycia was an area of conflict between Greece and the Near East. Art and architecture show Greek and Persian influences. With the integration into the Roman Empire, Lycia flourished for a second time – during this era of peace magnificent theaters and thermae were built, while the old city walls and fortifications started to crumble.


Ruins of a Church in Central Lycia


Start your journey in the lively city of Antalya where you find Hellenistic, Roman, Seldjuk, Ottoman and Turkish mo- numents next to each other. On the Lycian peninsula you find the remains of cities, stone-cut rock tombs, and count- less sarcophagi. Besides traces of Greek, Roman and indige- nous cults, you will encounter early Christianity and follow the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and Saint Nikolaos of Myra. Conclude with a visit to the firebreathing Mount Chimaera, where everburning flames come forth from the rocks – the home of the mythological monster Chimaera, as was believed in antiquity.


A Typical Lycian Sarcophagus


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