Rome’s Etruscan Heritage

Central Italy Everyone is familiar with Rome, the Eternal City, but few consider how it came to be the city we now know. This trip takes you to the very cradle of the Roman Empire – to the mysterious Etruscans who dominated the area around Rome at the dawn of the Roman era. Visit some of the most important Etruscan settlements such as Tarquinia and Cervéteri, and walk through their impressive necropoleis, the ‘cities of the dead’. See how the Etruscan and Roman cultures influenced each other, and where Etruscan elements can be traced down from early Rome through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.

etruscan temple

Terracotta Relief from an Etruscan Temple near Tarquinia

Take a stroll through Cività di Bagnoregio, the ‘dying town’ and visit stunning examples of Renaissance architecture such as the Villa Lante near Viterbo and the enchanted Parco dei Mostri, the ‘Park of the Monsters’. Enjoy the pleasures of Italian lifestyle with dinners in chosen restaurants, and tastings of wine and local specialties. Stay at an ancient, renovated farmhouse resort near the scenic Lago di Bolsena, and indulge in traditional Italian cuisine, all made from homegrown, organic products. For our detailed brochure and itinerary, please click here: Rome’s Etruscan Heritage (Central Italy) Want to learn more? Check out Francesca’s Travel Report!


Cività di Bagnoregio, the ‚Dying City‘