Call for Submissions : Magical History Travel

The Via Antiqua blog is inspired by the saying „The more you know, the more you see“. We’re a start-up company run by classical scholars. We organize educational trips to the Mediterranean and Western Europe, and pick out the most special hotels and dining experiences. We also write this blog.

We invite guest blog posts from any field of knowledge : history, archaeology, art history, history of ideas, political or cultural history, biography, film, architecture, fashion, design, trends in hospitality and cuisine, entertainment, etc. In a nutshell, anything that will enrich and deepen someone’s travel experience. We invite you to write about the things you feel comfortable writing about. The best guide to what we’re looking for is a glance at what we publish.

Suggested length is three to four paragraphs, or 400-700 words : the internet reader tends to expect pieces of less than one page. In the case of longer pieces, it might be an idea to split them up into sections. For us it’s always quality over quantity and there is no post too brief. We also welcome photo essays.

Francesca will be more than happy to discuss ideas for topics, answer any questions and will schedule your blog post to appear at a time that suits you. We publish new blog posts every Wednesday.

We don’t offer financial compensation at the moment, but are happy to return favours in kind, for instance by providing similar length content for your blog or website, reviews of your work etc. on request.

Please e-mail if you are interested in taking part. We look forward to hearing from you!