Hiking Trails and Adventurers

Our time at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Ireland was all it promised to be, and more. We loved our day of adventure, where we went boating to the Skellig islands. We were hoping to be able to get on to the island and visit the grey and taciturn remains of round and beehive-shaped stone buildings that used to be part of a monastery. Here monks would retreat, who thought even the rural and sparsely populated coast of Kerry too much of a distraction. We couldn’t land on the island that day, it was too windy. So perhaps, we got an even better taste of the isolation in which these monks would have lived. Atop some of the most jagged cliffs, into which they had laboriously hewn some slim and winding steps, sitting on an isolated rock and meditating over the sea.

Since it wasn’t possible to land, we made it a big trek along the coast, after a steaming glass of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. It was great to get so close to the Irish sheep, as illustrated by our #DoA video. And on the very top of the hill, though we were on the mainland, we were once again on a big jagged cliff with a 360 degree sea view, with only an abandoned house for company.

Our meetings schedule was completely packed, and we both really loved the adventure travel crowd, people were youthful and fun-loving, and there seemed to be an approximately even distribution of men and women in the industry, which is quite a healthy sign! Ireland as a host country made it a wonderful stay for us, with flawless conference logistics and wonderful evening programs. Can’t argue with a night in a medieval castle and trays of Jameson’s at every corner.

We also knew we were in the right place when we saw that the Lycian Way has been a trending destination in the community ever since it was opened a few years back. So our big news was that last year, the Carian Trail opened its gates also, also in Turkey. Hikers can hike several hundreds of km from the Mediterranean to the Aegean, get lost in scented pine forests on the hills, and bathe in secret beaches. All along the way are ruins of the ancient Carian civilization, which have not been sighted since the 1500s – and as with the Lycian way, we know someone who not only knows about the Carians, but has written a whole book about the path, and its history. More soon!


photo: Cnidus in Caria